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Thursday, March 30, 2017
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ConocoPhillips Workforce Set For Reduction



A reduction in workforce for Houston-based ConocoPhillips has been announced by the company due to the downturn in energy industry.


It is not clear at this point how this will impact the 1,400 employees in Bartlesville.


The reduction figure company wide is reported to be six percent.


David Austin, Bartlesville ConocoPhillips spokesman, said the impact on the company’s workforce has not yet been announced. A number of ConocoPhillips employees transferred from Ponca City or continue to commute to Bartlesville to the work for the firm.

Posted By: John Mehring On: 2/14/2017

Title: ConocoPhillips employees in PC

If there are 1,400 employees in B'ville, how many C-P employees are in PC?

Posted By: Impsresive brain power at work! Great answer! [url=]qragjyfngc[/url] [link=]gmvfugwh[/link] On: 11/9/2016

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Impsresive brain power at work! Great answer! [url=]qragjyfngc[/url] [link=]gmvfugwh[/link]

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