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Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Posted By: Rhonda Thompson 405.250.2251 On: 10/26/2016

Title: Support Local Music

With all the crazy things going on in this world, isn't it time we focus on something positive? There is a show coming to the Community Center Nov 4, two amazing Oklahoma bands that are giving back to our State in a way no one has before. Nicnos, based out of Oklahoma City, has created a program called "Music To Your Peers". I am including the links for more information that I feel is worth reporting. Isn't it time that we show our support for local Oklahoma talent, after all, they are so very proud of the State they come from, shouldn't we be proud of them as well.
Music touches everyone in some way, let's show support for our local Oklahoma talent.
Thank you.

Posted By: Travis Hough SSG, USA (ret) 580-352-2370 On: 3/24/2016

Title: SSG, USA (ret) (Mr.)

Why is it that Mr Steven Dye prints one sided stories like the OKC 13? Everyone nows that at east one has admitted to A LE UNDER OATH AND IS GOING TO JAIL. The other s has been lying also and just hasn't gotten caught yet. This Carmen Coffee claims to be a (senior) State Trooper (formerly)? I can't find any reference to it Anyone that supports this issue is a fraud, and a liar too. Let's hear from others that can't believe that Holzclaw has been framed and fell victim to lies. All these prostitutes hs seen him in those areas, it was his area of patrol area. l.Mr. Dye can call me if he wants, I have a few questions of HIM.

Posted By: Dave Williams, proud Ponca Citian and PC Police Supporter On: 1/12/2016

Title: The Editor needs to get the scissors out !!!

Sarcastic, rude comments concerning what is and isn't a crime should be left out of the city news briefs section of the newspaper. The Ponca City Newspaper is doing a dis-service to the citizens of Ponca City in general, and the Ponca City Police Department in particular by using these tactics (effectively editorializing the police logs). I'm referring to the "suspicious person" articles that sporadically have snide comments included with them, masquerading as an attempt at humor. How would you feel if you were the reporting party in this case -- calling in what you believe (for whatever reason) is a suspicious event, only to effectively be made fun of for doing so. To make this worse, the reporting party MIGHT think the Police Department made those comments in their call/crime logs. NOTE: the PC Police do not include comments like that in their call/crime logs -- this is just a weak attempt at humor by a misguided, sophomoric journalist. As an editor, you should do your job, get out the scissors, and clip this baloney from the paper

Posted By: Scott Fowler On: 4/22/2015

Title: Pioneer Womaan unveiling

I remember the ceremony. I was 3 at the time. My mother held me above her head and said that's Will Rogers.
I didn't know who he was but I could tell that she thought he was a VIP

Posted By: On: 2/28/2015

Title: Online Newspaper Update

I have a subscription to the Ponca City paper but I am out of town a lot and I enjoy reading it nightly online when I am away.
So, whoever is in charge of the daily updating of the paper online needs to do their job and do it. Today is Saturday and I am still waiting for this to be update with the Friday edition. I have expressed my concern numerous times to the Ponca City News on this easily fixable issue and still nothing gets done about it. Apparently the adult that is in charge of this cant seem to get it done. So, give the responsibility to a 5th grader in one of our public schools. I'm sure they will be more responsible than the individual that is doing it now.

Posted By: On: 1/13/2015

Title: a concerned citizen

We don't need anymore stupid pizza places. But we do need one or two family style restaurants or one of those and a buffet style restruant ( like furrs). Please.

Posted By: On: 10/5/2014

Title: Free on-line access

Is the newspaper really that hard up that there is no free online access? There are all different media sites that publish newspapers and don't charge for on-line access. Ponca City is not one of them

Posted By: On: 9/27/2014

Title: Free online access

Bring back free online access to the news paper. But considering the owner of your publication. I can see why it isn't.

Posted By: On: 8/24/2014

Title: Ponca City News Online

Just a about making the Ponca City News Online Classifieds public access for those of us searching for employment that do not have subscription to the paper at this time?

Posted By: On: 5/13/2014

Title: Parents responsibility to the community for children that are deliquent

I am in a position that I don't understand how this child has been allowed to continue the game that she is/has played with men in this town and her mother not be held responsible. This mother has paid for 3 abortions for this 14 year old girl, has one man in prison in Texas, one in Kay County and charges on a couple more that I am aware of. The man that is paying child support on her does not want her and the mother has not done anything to prevent this girl from running amuck and hurting other families for $600 a month in child support. DHS took this girl for a short amount of time and they returned her home. This minor is considered a run-away and Kay County Sheriff's Department and the Court System is aware of her game. So where does this stop? How many families is it going to take before SOMEONE steps up and stops this ugly cycle. WHERE IS THE MOTHER and why isn't she being held responsible for the sexual actions of her daughter? Is this teaching the minor that she can do as she wants and then play the victim?

Posted By: Scott Moore, On: 1/8/2014

Title: county commissioner canidates

I am wondering why Jason Shanks for commissioner is announced on the front page of the Sunday News, 1-5-14? Are you planning to announce Jim Thomas is also running? I know Jason is supported by the Shaffer's and many of their friends which includes retiring commissioner Steve Austin. Walter Shaffer retired from the Eastman National Bank in Newkirk where Steve Austin's wife Mary Midgley Austin works. The Shafer's and the Austin's were also neighbors in Newkirk before the Austin's moved to Ponca City. I believe a man should be elected on his own merit not because of who his family is or who his friends are. Ponca city News please play fair and announce other candidate's on Sundays front page.

Posted By: Appearing: On: 12/26/2013

Title: Disappointed

I wanted to express my disappointment with the Ponca City News. Last week I submitted a letter via email and after waiting all day with no confirmation, I called to make sure you had received it. I was told it would be submitted the following day but it was never published. This is the SECOND time this has happened to me. The first time being when I submitted a photo to announce the birth of my child. I had intended to keep that clipping for his baby book but it was never printed. I'm not sure what you have to do or who you have to know to get something printed, but I think it's a shame that this news provider does not seem to take the publics' requests seriously.

Posted By: Barb Boehmer On: 12/8/2013

Title: this is for the Business section

Have you ever thought of doing any articles or series of articles on women stating their own businesses. Women running businesses from their homes or store fronts. A new year is about to start and maybe you could help these women build their businesses. Run and article asking women business owners to write a small article about themselves and their business. Just a suggestion.Thank you.

Posted By: Mel Thomason On: 11/20/2013

Title: Disappointed

I was VERY disappointed in your Veterans Day parade coverage. Other than the line-up of the parade I never saw the honoree's names mentioned anywhere. I am taling about the 2 Generals, a WWII Veteran and a Vietnam Veteran. If I missed it I am sorry, but I never saw it. These are the very people that this parade is all about. I thought it was very poor coverage.

Posted By: On: 10/20/2013

Title: A More Permanent Solution to the Fiscal Crises

Dear Editor,
We must write our elected officers about a more permanent solution to the fiscal crises, (which have merely been postponed for a few months):
We should sell, to the world’s tropical rainforest owners, the expertise for harvesting their land much more profitably (and sustainably.) This is discussed at, which has links to various rainforest organizations who might supply the experts. If we take a quarter of the profits for a certain number of years, it would yield $1.4 trillion a year—twice the federal deficit. It might mean temporarily raising the debt limit, but only for the last time.
Perhaps—with the surplus--it could then shift some of the onus for Obamacare from individuals and businesses onto the government.
(As for the issue of subsistence farmers, there is a discussion of this at Regarding the cutting down of trees for firewood , one can contact Solar Cookers International.)
Sincerely, Alex Sokolow

Posted By: On: 9/22/2013

Title: no paper

I pay for a daily paper but dont get it till late at night if at all your delivery in blackwell is not good

Posted By: jerry On: 9/9/2013

Title: would not get the ponca city news

the girl I talk too was rude and uninform about anything I ask her she said I got the paper last year for on month which I did not haven't got the paper since 07 at least said I owed 24 dollars for one month which I didn't order didn't get would not recommend at all

Posted By: On: 8/25/2013

Title: Blackwell Maroon Meetings/city ordinance

I have found a couple pages with the Blackwell meetings, but then when I go back to print them or read them again, they weren't there. it says http;404. This page can not be found. Why is this? If they are on there once they should stay on there. Ponca paper tells a lot more than Blackwell paper does. I use to subscribe to it. A person shouldn't have to subscribe to get access to it on the internet. I have been trying to keep up on what is going on with the city council. There is a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done here in Blackwell.

Posted By: On: 7/27/2013

Title: to check for garage sales

I use to be able to check on garage sales in the area FREE, now you are basically making it a pay situation. You must be really hurting to make anyone who is search a specific item. I don't get the paper because I don't have time to read it, and two, I only seek garage sales once in a blue moon. Shame on you in this economy making people paid just to view the classifies. Another reason I will never subscribe to this paper.

Posted By: Kieran Donahue On: 7/3/2013

Title: This Is Crap! No more public Job Classified?

What is up with removing all classifieds from the website and making this a crappier website than it already was? I will never visit this site again.

Posted By: Ru Jeana On: 6/25/2013

Title: your paper


Posted By: Ru Jeana Davis in Wichita ks On: 6/25/2013

Title: have to regrister to view the ponca city paper

i tried all the areas for to be able to view your news paper and was unable to view your site. i think your idea of having to regrister to view your paper SUCKS and STUPID in my VIEW

Posted By: On: 6/13/2013

Title: I can NOT get my online subscription to renew

I have tried from THREE (3) different computers AND my phone, and the site still will not process payment. It keeps telling me "Runtime Error" I've been trying to "renew" my online subscription for over a month! I work at the bank, so YES, there is money in my account....

Posted By: On: 6/9/2013

Title: Obits

I have just found out about the passing of Carl Ponca, He lived in Texas at one time, we went to high school together; I would very much like to read his Obit.; have found it impossible to get into the archive files. I would appreciate directions on this matter.
Joyce Fitzgibbons

Posted By: On: 5/23/2013


Grrrrr and it STILL aggravates me that has the audacity to require people to PAY to look at their crummy local news. ARE YOU SERIOUS???? The Huffington Post, NY Times, etc are all FREE for online viewers, what makes you guys think you’re so stinkin specia????

Posted By: Concerned ex-reader On: 5/7/2013

Title: Concerned ex-reader

Wow, your website sucks now!

Posted By: On: 4/19/2013


Your webmaster is at it again. Where do you go when you click on obits? National New!!!

Posted By: On: 3/31/2013

Title: Who are you protecting, and why?

I'm 57 years old, and I've never seen a story as big as the one with the home intruder getting shot at 4;30 in the morning, without the intruder being named.

Posted By: On: 3/23/2013

Title: online only status

I just want to thank you; because over the years I have gotten a lot of information from this web site. I live in Kansas and have family in Oklahoma. I would look at this web site and find out information about friends and family. Now that you are going online only, I will not be able to get any info. But thanks again for your help with my family and friends. Good bye

Posted By: Glen Gene Keeler On: 3/14/2013

Title: Come Ponca City


Posted By: j.w. graham On: 2/5/2013

Title: Brainstorming!!

I would really like to see a section in the newspaper, or on this site in particular that is based on the improvement of Ponca City. I think that a generalized section where citizens can bring attention to city planners, and/or chamber of commerce would be a fantastic idea. We need to be an outspoken community! Our thoughts and ideas on events and/or happenings in our city need to seen by all. Think of this as a city-wide brainstorming project. Most of our citizens are not going to go in front of the chamber and submit ideas/plans/or anything at all for that matter. However, if we had a source such as this site to do so, we might be able to bring some life back into our city.

Posted By: On: 1/27/2013

Title: Open letter to the Editor. Current gun control activiteis in the U.S.

Those that argue the "will of the people's desire to control guns for public safety reasons trumps the constitution" are simply wrong.
We are NOT a Democracy. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. Our schools have apparently failed to teach this simple fact to many people, sadly, including many representatives in every state and especially in Washington D.C.
To use Ben Franklin's and others combined comments..... A democracy will not work. If nine wolves and one sheep vote on what to have for dinner, the sheep loses, that is a democracy. A constitutional republic protects the one sheep from the wolves by providing equal protection to all members by rule of law.
The U.S. Constitution is our most important protection against Democracy.
If you want to change the constitution, there are legal means to do so. Change the Second Amendment legally or leave it alone and abide by it.
We the people desire and will fight for our Constitutional Republic, we will not allow this nation to become a Democracy bending to the will of whichever majority is in charge of whatever city, county, state, or region. To do so will create 50 countries at war with each other. For example, if allowed, some areas of major cities might vote to instill Islamic Sharia law. The Native Americans on the reservations might vote to ignore those federal laws which restrict activities towards true independence as separate nations. Some areas in the south might vote to reinstall slavery. The cowboy counties might vote to legalize vigilante hangings. Utah might vote to allow polygamy again. Silly? Think about it.
We the people can not allow a compromise in this concept of legally changing the constitution. A compromise here will eventually result in a bloody uprising or civil war.
Dennis Smith, Citizen.

Posted By: Judy Barnett/ On: 11/1/2012

Title: Open carry gun law

As a Ponca City resident and consumer, I would like a listing of all local businesses who are going to allow open carrying of firearms on their premises. I understand that it is not necessary for any business to post this information. Therefore , I feel this has been left up to city government to deal with. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: On: 9/4/2012

Title: obits

mavin nash wilson has been in the obits since dec. why so long ?

Posted By: Barbara Nickles, 580-761-0281 On: 5/11/2012

Title: Can We Have A Happy Mother's Day?

How might the Oklahoma Legislature wish us a Happy Mother’s Day, if some legislators get their way? Amazingly, they could see women being faced with having to pay for mammograms that had previously been covered by insurance. We also could face having to pay for screenings like pap smears and pelvic exams, as well as for children’s immunizations and maternity care – that are currently required to be covered in Oklahoma health insurance plans.
Senate Bill 1059 by Sen. Bill Brown of Broken Arrow and Rep. Lewis Moore of Arcadia could allow insurers to delete these necessary services and destroy a long history of health protection for women in our state.
If this bill passes, even Oklahomans with insurance could be burdened with the cost of screenings. You and I could be paying out-of-pocket for mammograms and colonoscopies and a host of other previously covered cancer screenings.
We believe the bill’s proponents are sincere and do not want to cut these vital benefits, but his bill could do just that because health plans no longer would be required to cover these health benefits required by Oklahoma law today. We are asking them to carefully reconsider SB1059 to prevent the potential to allow Oklahoma health plans to cut benefits currently required by law.
Do something nice for your mom, your sister, your daughter – let the Oklahoma Legislature know that this is the worst Mother’s Day gift ever.
Barbara Nickles
Oklahoma State Lead Ambassador
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

Posted By: Mary Jones On: 5/3/2012

Title: letter to the editor

I would like to take the time to thank Ponca city for helping me teach my teen children about the concept of community. We sat back and watched the community of Ponca city come together to show our East middle school students that as a strong community we care about them and what happens in their life.
I would like to acknowledge Tammy Mayden first and foremost for building an indestructible team of all volunteer community leaders to take the time and abundant energy to plan and execute such a huge undertaking. This group of authentic leaders come together and share their lives with the teens. They take time from their employment and from their family to come together for the whole school day to do this! What an amazing testimony to the teens of our community.
Teen challenge day is a program specifically tailored to confront very tough ,yet very real issues our teens deal with everyday. From drugs, bullying, cliques, rumors, homophobia, gossip, violence, hopelessness, apathy, pressure to create an image to fit in, negative judgments…the real part of growing up in today’s world. It teaches them to be the change!
I would also like to formally thank East middle school staff for their help to make this day happen. The school sent faculty not only to be there, but to be a part of the challenge, and they met that challenge. They became a part of the beauty of that day. Thank you coach Degan and Mr. White for being an instrumental part of the day. Thank you Mrs. Davis for allowing us to have 100 of your students for the day!
I would also like to thank Marland Childrens home for allowing us to come into their home and use their beautiful facilities for the day. What a sense of community you have. You showed that you not only care for the children who reside with you ,but you also care for all the kids in your community. What a great resource you are. You not only lent us the use of your gym and its surroundings ,but we were also able to train several of your awesome staff to assist us. Ponca city is truly fortunate to have you in it’s midst.
The quick preparation of that day was almost solely dependant on one very generous and extremely valuable set of people. Woodlands Christian church was a huge contributor to our kids’ endeavor. When two young, inexperienced young future leaders, Haley Lockwood and Fate Jones stood in your midst and asked for help in making this day happen you did not disappoint them. You came through for them showing them how much you believe in their cause. What a valuable life lesson you showed our kids.
Last but not least Thank you teen challenge day leaders. You give so much of your time and energy. We couldn’t have such a huge event without all your willingness to help. I was literally astonished for each persons gratitude when I asked for your help. You are the true meaning of community and I feel awed for just meeting each and every one of you!


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